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Brief introduction of Shenzhen space geometric Decoration Design Co., Ltd.


Space geometry is a firm that specializes in high-end interior design. It was founded in 2003 with a registered capital of 10 million.

The company has been devoted to the development of high-end products and product design. Each design brings together professional skills and knowledge at the international level, as well as an understanding of the cultural features of various parts of the country.

The company’s design elite work together to contribute to the construction of society, and with the design strength in the industry play a leading role. In addition, the company implements the design of sustainable development with an all directional strategy. It is evident that interior designers have a spirit of commitment and are very concerned about indoor environment, partners, and even the social environment that they live and work in.

The global business network of space geometry is spread all over China, providing high-end interior decoration design for all walks of life, including hotels, high-end private clubs, private mansions, etc. So far, the company has designed various interior design projects, including many landmark hotels, clubs, etc., showing our understanding and understanding of the beauty and the enthusiasm and persistence in improving interior design.

Space geometry believes that great design is a variety of designs. This is a product, its environment. The nature of its design understands the end user. It is also a design, constantly challenging the status quo, and looking forward to advancing the design with innovation and forward thinking. We want to create world-class design solutions. In order to achieve this goal, we have gradually established a global platform to create the best creative minds in the world.

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